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Local sponsorship in UAE

Hire MSDM Commercial – a master of consistency and quality – for the local sponsorship in UAE. The UAE is a diversified growing market with vast opportunities. The country has a strategic geographical location having global connectivity with 90 airlines and 170 shipping lines operating regularly. Importantly, the business in the country is based on free trade barriers. The place is entirely favourable from the standpoint of doing business here. The top class state-of-the-art facilities and utilities make it a popular fertile breeding ground for doing business. Our local sponsor service is aimed at speeding up the process of local business sponsorship. This service is, in particular, helpful to the investors registering for a mainland business in Dubai. Here, businesses often require a sponsor holding 51% of the company share and every year, many investors and entrepreneurs look for a local sponsor. Often they establish their business in Dubai mainland and the UAE commercial law mandatorily needs a local shareholder or corporate sponsor for limited liability companies or Dubai mainland companies. This local shareholder should be a UAE national or corporate sponsor needs to be a UAE company. They will hold 51% share in the new company in their personal capacity.

If you’re an expat and doing business in UAE for the first time, this law-stipulated condition and its proceedings may be extremely difficult for you. Overseas entrepreneurs often do not want to distribute 51% company shares to a UAE national. Besides individual sponsor, MSDM Commercial also offers the corporate sponsorship services in UAE. The corporate sponsorship service ensures more financial security and individual freedom to the foreign company owner. Though the knock out benefit of individual sponsorship is that it is affordable and inexpensive however, corporate sponsor has more glaring benefits. With corporate sponsorship, you maintain complete control on the management. In this case, the foreign investor can secure the rights and obligations in the company. Also, we can act as your corporate sponsor ensuring that you hold all advantages including financial independence. MSDM Commercial is the best option for the local and corporate sponsor service in UAE.