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    International Offshore in UAE

    MSDM Commercial has a team of expert professionals that make international offshore business set up easy. We suggest the most reliable ways with all legal and authorized formalities. We strongly believe in creating effective and prompt strategies to get businesses off the ground quickly. For international offshore business in UAE, MSDM Commercial is the only trustworthy choice. Since many years, we’re serving domestic and overseas clients alike. Our team is thorough professional and devoted to offer the best customer experience. For us, a satisfied client is the best marketing strategy. We’re most reliable and proved international offshore company formation brand in the UAE. We help completing the required documents and the processs for the registration of offshore international company in UAE. The documentation is different for individual shareholders and corporate entity shareholders. We also work closely with all prominent banks as bank account is a common requirement in offshore international. We help in opening accounts for all such entities. Depending on your offshore requirements, we suggest the most appropriate bank.

    UAE bank account opening process is simplified by our professionals. These banks will facilitate all your domestic and international banking transactions. A Dubai international business entity is a offshore company formed under the laws of UAE offshore jurisdiction as a tax free entity. This company formation helps you offering professional services worldwide and for international asset protection. UAE offshore company formation is a tax free company. Thus, there is no UAE corporate tax. Also such entities have no liability of income tax, capital gains tax on properties or sales tax (VAT) in the UAE. But there is exception for oil producing companies incorporated in the UAE besides the branches of foreign banks, functional here.